Saturday, May 31, 2014

Easton Rotary 5k

I took yesterday off and only did some form drills at Lafayette.  I wanted to run the Easton Rotary 5k at the Forks Community Center today.  I wasn't crazy about the course being two loops around there, but I knew it would be flat and fast.  I woke up feeling lightheaded.  I didn't think I could take a chance running it.  After eating, I felt a little better.  Two of my friends, Megan and Kristin, were running it, so I decided to drive over and see how I felt.

I got there about 45 minutes before the race.  That's much later than I would like.  Luckily, it was a very small race and there was no line to register.  I ran into Megan in the building.  I had never actually met her before, but we are Facebook friends. 

Since I was kind of rushing, I only had time for a mile warmup.  I wanted to do a little more.  I ran the loop and didn't feel great.  The head was fine, but the legs seemed sluggish.  Still, I ran a 7:27 mile.

The race started near the entrance to the community center.  I wanted to do well and maybe PR, but I really didn't want to win the whole thing yet.  Eventually, I'll win a race, but I hope it is one that is important to me.  I saw Ian Walsh at the start.  He's one of the top runners around, so I knew 2nd place was the best I would do.

I knew Kristin was running the loop, so I made sure that she knew where the start was.  I did a couple quick strides right before the start.  Megan lined up next to me and we talked about race goals briefly.  There was a young kid at the front too, but not too much competition.

We took off and I found myself in second behind the kid.  It seemed kind of slow, but I didn't want to lead the thing, so I settled in.  I was puzzled at why Ian didn't take off.  He should crush me.  The first turn was very sharp.  I was hoping that I wouldn't encounter more of that on this loop, but it actually wasn't too bad.

Ian finally passed me within the first half mile.  Then, he passed the young guy.  Some walkers were blocking the path, so I had to let them know that the race was coming through.  On the back part of the loop, there is a short hill.  That was a little challenging.  I didn't feel like I was pushing too much.

I continued to cruise along in 3rd.  I didn't look at my watch until the loop was almost over.  It read 5:36 pace.  That first mile ended up being a 5:40.  Although it didn't seem too quick, it was way faster than I should've run.  I don't know when I've run a mile that quick.  It has been years!

We headed back toward the start.  Ian got to the end of the entrance and then stopped.  None of us leaders knew where to go.  I was worried before the race when there were no course markings.  No one was there to show us where to turn around.  Finally, Megan yelled to us to turn around.

That was very frustrating and the race was already ruined.  Kristin turned around earlier.  I ran past her and slowed down to run with Megan.  I figured that there was no reason to kill myself at this point.  It would just become a fast training run.

Some of the people behind us had turned around at the right spot, so we had to play catchup.  I passed the guy for 2nd place, as he seemed like he gave up.  Eventually, I got by all the other people, except Ian.

Going into the neighborhood, there was a very slight uphill.  At least there were volunteers directing us where to go in this area.  I ran with Megan for most if not all of the second mile.  I made a few comments, but I could tell she was working pretty hard.  It was a good pace for me too, but not all out.  Mile 2 was a 6:27.

I'm not sure when I pulled away from Megan, but eventually I did.  The young guy passed me for 2nd place, but I passed him again too.  It's amazing how much young guys often struggle to run a consistent race.  They almost always start faster than they should.  Even I went too fast, but it wasn't way overboard.

I tried to follow Ian, but he was pretty far ahead.  I almost couldn't see him.  I came through to start the 2nd loop and had less than a mile to go.  That was frustrating, because I had quite a bit of distance to go. 

I looked back in the back half of the loop and Megan was behind me.  It seemed like she was closing in.  Mile 3 was a 6:22.  I was good for 3.1 miles.  I stopped my watch and saw that I came through at 19:10.  Not too bad, considering the mix up.

I was pretty much dead with all the extra distance.  I kept going to the finish.  When I got there, it was 3.37 miles and a 20:47.  That's a new PR for 3.37 miles, but certainly not for a 5k.  Maybe if I didn't back off and kept pushing, I could've set an unofficial PR.

Megan came in 3rd and was the 1st female.  She used to be super fast, before having a baby.  For not being in shape now, she's still very damn impressive.  Kristin was the 2nd woman.  I was 2nd overall.  We all had good days, even though we ran too long.

The medal was pretty lame.  I guess that's the problem with doing a small, first time race.  At least I didn't pay too much.  On the positive side, I still ran a 6:10 pace and at least got a decent workout.  I was also very pleased with my first mile.  If I could put together 2 more sub 6 minute miles, I'd be thrilled.  It makes me want to race another 5k.

Perhaps the best part of the whole event was running with Megan and Kristin.  I really enjoy the social aspect of running.  The three of us ran a cooldown through the neighborhoods.  Megan and Kristin chatted a lot and I mostly listened.  We got even more lost during this route, as Megan kept insisting that she knew the correct way back.  Eventually we made it there after 2.24 more miles.

Tomorrow starts my Hill Week 2014.  I have a trail run that I'm leading every day from Sunday until next Saturday.  The first one is at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center.  It will be a tough one with a 1,000+ foot climb.  It should be fun and I hope for a good turnout.

Warmup 1 miles - 7:27 (7:37 pace)
Race 3.37 miles - 20:47 (6:10 pace)
Cooldown 2.24 miles - 17:29 (7:48 pace)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Battling Through Another Tough Run

Yesterday, I somehow managed to get 20 miles in when not feeling up to it.  Last night, I didn't sleep well, so I was super tired this afternoon.  I considered skipping the run.  Originally, I wanted to run a hard 8 miles, but I figured that that wasn't in the cards.

I thought about resting and running later, but I had an evening work order, so I would've had to run after dark.  Finally, I reluctantly laced up the shoes.  Since I didn't have a lot of time, I opted for the neighborhoods around my house.

The weather was about as close to ideal as could be expected for this time of year.  It was cloudy and cool.  There was some humidity, but that is expected.  I wore the usual summer attire.  I was sweating by the end, but not too bad.

I started off and felt like complete crap as I entered the other neighborhood.  I was so tired and really feeling it.  A half mile in and I was figuring that I might not run more than a mile.  I might as well call it a day.

Finally, I talked myself into running 3 miles, no matter how it felt.  Things got a little better toward the end of the first mile, which was a solid 7:44.  I was pushing it a bit.  I ran the short loop first.

I headed out toward the main loop.  I felt better as I went along.  Going slightly downhill helped.  I came through the second mile at 6:43 and that was very encouraging.

By now, I knew I was going to make it through more than 3 miles.  How far I'd go, I had no idea.  I was pushing a bit and breathing heavy, but settling in.  I started to enjoy the run.  The 3rd mile was an even faster 6:31.

I ran the other loop off of the main loop.  I passed a woman that was walking.  Going up the hill didn't slow me down.  I've run here often, but I don't usually push the pace.  A dog that I forgot about ran next to me and started barking.  It scared me, but it didn't leave the yard.

I was then back onto the main loop.  Mile 4 was a fast 6:26.  That certainly wasn't bad on a tired body with slightly sore quads.  Really, they didn't feel too bad after 20 miles yesterday, but they weren't sharp either.

The long hill was kind of tough, but again it didn't slow me.  I was pleased to hit mile 5 with another 6:26.  This was good because I was running around what I hope will be my half marathon pace next week.

I figured that if I at least could run hard until mile 6, I'd be good.  I kept pushing over the hills, but they were taking their toll.  I didn't slip yet though.  Mile 6 was a 6:32.

I continued on.  I started getting a side stitch, but it wasn't too bad.  I came past mile 7 with another quick mile.  It was a 6:30.

There were more hills in the final mile and it was tough.  At times, I had to battle a breeze too.  I was nearly at the end, but I would've had to wait to cross the highway, due to traffic.  Therefore, I turned around and headed back through the neighborhood for the final 1/3 of a mile.  I worked hard to finish up with a 6:24 mile.  I was pretty close to my limit.

It was a tough run, but I'm glad I got it done.  I need challenging runs like this.  They'll help me improve.  The overall pace was a 6:40.  The final 7 miles averaged a 6:30.  That's great on a hilly course and I'd take it as a half marathon pace next weekend.  I probably should run hard more often on this challenging course.  The rolling hills make it tough, but not too overwhelming.

I did some strength training this evening.  I thought about doing some drills, but I would've been rushed with daylight and I was sore.  I think I'll head over to Lafayette tomorrow, to do those.  Other than that, I'm going to take the day off.  I'm hoping to run a 5k in Forks on Saturday.

8 miles - 53:18 (6:40 pace)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Great to be Done

Some days it is just hard to get out the door for a run.  For me, that is typically when I have 20 or more road miles to alone.  It is hard to wrap my head around running for 2.5+ hours on my own.  Trails are different, because the scenery changes a lot and at least I can run/walk.

I nearly skipped running altogether, instead of going out for the 20 miler.  Eventually, I said to hell with it and grabbed my shoes and got going.  I figured anything that I could do would be better than nothing.  Since I'm struggling with stone trails on longer runs, I opted for the pavement of Riverview.  That was my winter go to trail for runs like this and it seemed to work out well.  I probably haven't been there in over a month.

Yesterday's weather was hot and humid.  Today's was quite tricky.  It was about 20 degrees cooler (only 60 degrees) and breezy and cloudy.  However, it was also still quite humid and sticky.  I wore a short sleeve shirt and shorts.  I was quite soaked by the end of the run.

Even though it was cooler, I needed to start off slower than I did yesterday.  I wanted to make sure to take it easy and make it through all 20 miles.  Although I'd love some goal paced long runs, the pace wasn't important.

The first mile was over 8 minutes and it was just so so.  I lifted weights last night after the run and the quads had some slight lingering soreness.  The 50 miler was a big help, in one respect.  It taught me that when my quads are sore, I can keep going and going.  That is as long as nothing else becomes an issue.

Early on, there were some geese on the trail.  They had babies and I was very frustrated to see them.  There were actually two different sets of them.  I was thrilled that they moved out of my way and didn't bother me.  I was heading toward Easton on this first part.

I wanted to get out at least 3 miles before heading back.  I was amazed at how green the trail has become in the last month or so.  Plants are sprouting up everywhere.  I enjoyed the scenery and the short up and down sections.  I didn't look at my watch until it clicked for the first mile.  I didn't look at it much after that in the early going.

I passed to two people on the trail as I neared Easton.  Other than that, this section was lonely, as usual.  It can get a little crowded on weekends, but rarely is anyone there on weekdays.

I had to run up to the edge of Easton to get to mile 3.  I was on concrete for a short bit.  I was happy that my pace was where I wanted it.  My miles were clicking off at sub 8 minutes each, but not too far below it.

I turned around and headed back, just feeling okay.  I tried to drink and eat some GU Chomps, but I probably wasn't doing that enough.  I'm running with the handheld all the time to get used to it.  I'll probably use it during my marathon.  It doesn't seem to slow me up much.

I was happy to get to mile 5, but with how sore my quads were, I was wondering how long this run could last.  I successfully made it through the geese again.  That might've been the greatest accomplishment of this run.

I decided to go into Hugh Moore Park and run that loop.  That would get me around mile 7 when I finished.  I added on the section to the mules too, for even more mileage.  They were out and I said hi to them before I turned around.

It was good to be at 6.5 miles and then 7 miles.  I thought I should feel better at this point though.  I knew getting back to my car for a quick break would help.  Eventually, I was back there and right at mile 8.  I was very happy with that. 

I quickly toweled off, since I was sweating a lot.  I drank some more and got going.  I didn't want to rest too much.  I need to get used to continuous running, for the marathon.

I headed out toward the Route 33 Boat Launch this time.  It was very windy at the start, but it got better.  I was surprised at how awesome I felt, for awhile.  I had some extra energy.  I was hoping I could make it out 3 miles and then come back.  That would put me at 14 miles.

It wasn't too long and I was at mile 10.  Usually, I opt for the flat route, when the trail splits.  I decided that I'd try the long, gradual climb this time.  This would be on pavement.  I figured then I could have a nice downhill when I turned around.

I tried to focus on each little half mile as I climbed.  The quads weren't feeling great.  I can say that they weren't really getting worse either.  I mentally talked to myself about things and challenged myself through this tough part.  I got to my planned turn around point of mile 11 and kept going.

I figured that if I ran another half mile, I'd be at 15 miles when I got back.  I kept on going out past this point, since I hit some flat and downhill segments.  I'd now get to mile 12 before turning around.

It was good to turn around, but I still had 4 miles back to my car and 8 more miles left in the run.  I was happy to hit the half marathon point.

This downhill was kind of tough on the quads.  They weren't exactly enjoying it as much as I hoped.  The good news is that they didn't seem to be falling off too bad.  Maybe strengthening them is helping and they were only sore because I just lifted.

It was great to hit mile 14 and even better when I finally got to mile 15.  It was hard thinking that there were still 5 miles left, so I focused simply on getting to mile 16 and stopping at the car.

Eventually, I arrived back at the car.  I didn't feel much worse than a mile or two earlier, so I elected to go out another mile.  I was almost out of my drink, so I couldn't do much more.  I headed toward Easton again.  I had the curvy downhill and then I got to the small bridge over the Lehigh River.  I decided to cross it and keep going.

I turned around a little past a half mile from my car.  That would get me over 17 miles when I took my next break.  Climbing the curvy section on the way back was tough.  I got back to the car at 17.25 miles.  I was glad to be inside of the final 5k and have less than 3 miles to go.

This time, I took an even shorter break.  I drank some more and used the towel.  I dropped off the handheld and ate the final GU Chomp.  I hoped that that would help me run faster and feel better.

I headed toward the Route 33 Boat Launch again.  I did feel a bit sluggish when I got going again.  The good thing is that my pace wasn't falling off too much.  These last few miles always do seem to take forever.  I wasn't looking at my watch early on in the run, but now I couldn't stop looking at it.

I went out to 18.55 miles and turned around.  I might have gone out a bit farther, but I was coming up on a lady and her dog.  I figured that that was far enough for me.  This section was slightly more busy than the other section.

Going back seemed kind of slow, but I guess it wasn't too bad.  I always love when I get inside the final 3/4 of a mile.  It is sort of like a countdown.  I also have started taking my watch off and carrying for the final mile.  I don't know why, but it is a symbol that I'm nearly there.

I got back to the car, but still needed about a quarter mile.  I headed out across the road.  I was moving fairly well.  I had felt good enough to pick it up a bit in this last mile.  After most of the miles were just under 8 minute pace, this one was a 7:38.  I finished up under the bridge and walked back.

I didn't want to get out and run, but I was so glad I did.  Although the quads were sore for most of the run, it actually wasn't too bad.  I had some soreness, but really not very much.  I can't wait until the day that I can run 20 miles without any soreness.  That would be great.  Still, I feel so much better than I ever have after a 20 miler.  My endurance is getting better and better.  I think the 50 miler helped.  It's only 10 days out from that race too.

Tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  I'd like to try to do a tempo run or another hard workout.  That could depend on the weather.  Maybe if it is hot, I'll go with repeats.  That will give me some recovery options.  Since I'll be running for 8 or 9 straight days, I definitely want to take off either tomorrow or Friday.  Most likely it will be Friday.  I'd love to get over to Lafayette in the evening tomorrow, if I feel good.

20 miles - 2:37:17 (7:52 pace)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heat is Getting to Me

I had some nice and fairly cool runs in Indianapolis.  Back home today, was a different story.  I got out to run around lunchtime.  The plan was for an easy 20.  I headed to Sand Island, so I wouldn't have to deal with the pounding of the road.

The temperature was around 80 and it was fairly humid.  The weather was tricky, because it was cloudy for the most part.  This trail is partially shaded.  I went without a shirt on.

I started off heading toward Freemansburg and was feeling great.  The legs seemed very fresh and quick.  I enjoyed myself as I didn't even look at my watch until the first mile clicked off.  Too bad, that wouldn't exactly last.

There were quite a few bikers and walkers in this area, as I cruised along.  I was hoping I could get out 5 miles or even farther on this first segment.  I wanted to have half or more of the run done when I got back to my car.

The first mile was just over 8 minutes.  After that, the miles dipped to around 7:30 and they were quite consistent.  The quads started to feel slightly sore.  They still aren't completely recovered from the 50 miler and they aren't a big fan of stone trails.  I don't like to go on pavement though, because that bothers my feet sometimes.

I didn't make it out too far.  At about 2.33 miles, I came to some geese.  I would've had to run between two adults with babies.  One of the geese hissed at me as I approached.  I decided that it would be wise to turn around.

I cruised along as I headed back.  I was sweating a lot and noticed my pants were getting quite soaked already.  I need to buy a headband of sorts to keep the sweat out of my eyes.  If I wear a shirt, I usually wipe it away, but I couldn't do that today.

Since I was only at just under 5 miles when I got back to the car, I headed out the other way.  That was a mistake.  In this heat, I have to rest more.  I didn't really feel like stopping with the van parked next to me too and people in it.

It was good to be a quarter of the way through the planned run.  However, I was hoping to feel better.  Some brief rain was nice, but it didn't last.  I kept going out and out.  I knew the farther I went, the farther that I'd be when I got back to my car.  The quads were bothering me, but after the 50 miler, I knew I could survive with them for some time.

I just kept going and going.  Eventually, I was to the end of the towpath at the Allentown Canal Park.  Heading there wasn't too bad, as I think there was a slight downhill.  I knew when I got back to the car, I'd be at 13 miles.

Heading back was very tough.  I felt like I had been running with an easy effort, but without being heat adapted yet, it wasn't easy enough I guess.  I probably should've been running closer to 8 minute miles.  I also knew I wasn't drinking enough, even though I had a handheld with me.

I felt like I was starting to overdo it and was going downhill quickly.  Rather than pressing on in the heat, I elected to call it a day at mile 10.  That was very disappointing and I had to walk all of the way back to the car.  It was over 3 miles.  It did give me a lot of time to reflect on my training. 

Clearly I need to run slower in heat until I can get used to it.  I also need to run shorter segments and give myself some brief recovery.  Had I stopped at the car the first time, that might've been a big help.  It's a lesson learned I guess.  Hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be much more used to the heat and can train better.  I need to get used to it for my summer marathon.

In the evening, I did some more core work and strengthening.  I really hope that this pays off down the road, especially for my weak quads.  I need to do it at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Tomorrow, I'll try a long run again.  I'm thinking maybe I'll just go to pavement this time.  Although that does bother my foot, it does seem slightly better for my quads.  Hopefully, I can handle 20 miles this time around.

10 miles - 1:16:04 (7:36 pace)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Super Tired

I didn't sleep much the night before the Indy 500.  Then, last night we drove overnight and only slept for 3 hours or less.  I got some sleep in the afternoon, but I am still very tired.

I would've loved to run 20+ miles today, but I just knew that that wasn't going to happen.  I'll have to try that tomorrow.  Since I didn't run on Sunday, I had to get some running done today.  I figured that 7 miles in the evening would be manageable.

I had trouble deciding where to run at.  I wasn't up for Nor-Bath.  I didn't want to go far.  I rarely go to Plainfield, because I don't like it there.  However, I figured I could give it another chance.  I thought about napping and then running after dark.  Instead, I arrived a little after 6:30.

It was quite hot today.  It was in the mid 80s.  By the time I started running, it wasn't too bad.  The sun was peaking out from behind the trees.  I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

The parking lot was fairly crowded.  I guess that's because there aren't many access points.  The trail itself wasn't all that crowded.  I mostly just saw bikers.  I guess it is a good place to casually ride, since it is sort of paved.

I started off and felt terrible.  I was just tired and sluggish.  At least most of my quads' soreness is gone.  I had both the good and bad of this trail in the beginning.  The scenery is beautiful.  Purple and white flowers were in bloom.  However, the surface just seems awful.  It is paved, but it isn't smooth.  It is kind of like a chip and seal.

I certainly couldn't complain about the setting.  In addition to the flowers, the trail goes along the creek and often crosses under it.  With the setting sun, it was nice too.

The surface just continued to bug me.  It feels like I have to work a lot harder on it.  I was running easy and glad that I wasn't pushing it.  After about a mile, it changed to smooth pavement.  I was happy about that.

I continued to cruise along.  I passed a few bikes that were heading the other way.  I awoke little by little.  Around mile 2, the trail goes under a bridge.  I saw a decent sized snake slither off of the path there.  That was a neat distraction.

At 2.5 miles, it was back onto the crappy surface.  I was looking forward to the turn around at 3.5 miles.  A cute girl that parked next to me biked past in the other direction.  She seemed pretty young.

I turned around and headed back.  The first mile was an 8:22, but every mile after that was a sub 8.  For the most part, they got faster and faster.  I was happy to get to mile 5.

I didn't have my shorts tied tight enough and they kept falling down a bit as I ran.  That was kind of annoying, but I didn't feel like stopping.  I never did fix the problem.  I passed a guy whose dog barked at me earlier.  Thankfully, now it was silent.

I continued to go easy.  I felt slightly better and better.  I tried to enjoy the scenery and block out the annoying trail.  It was a perfect evening.  I was happy to get back to mile 7 and finish up the run.

I guess I should go to this trail more often.  It certainly isn't good for me to do speedwork at, but it is fine for an easy and short run like this evening.  I will never be a regular there though.

After the run, I headed to the high school track.  Before the sun set, I got some drills done.  I'm starting to do them fairly consistently and I hope they will pay off.  I'm hoping to do some core work before bed.  I need to improve my eating and drop some weight too.

I'm now less than 2 months out from the marathon.  I need to adapt to heat in addition to all of the other things.  I want to get quite a few 20+ mile runs in.  Hopefully that will start tomorrow.  It is supposed to rain off and on, so I'd be thrilled if I can get that many miles in.

7 miles - 54:34 (7:48 pace)

Monon Trail Run

I wanted to get up early and run with the Indy Runners this morning.  However, I didn’t sleep well.  I headed right back to sleep when my alarm went off.  That meant a solo run for me.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run on the paved, flat Monon Trail or go for a fun run at Eagle Creek on a real trail system.  The problem with the second option was that I’d have to pay to enter the park.

I got out there late in the morning.  I forgot water in the camper, so I had to stop and pick some up.  I also went too far out before finally finding the Broad Ripple area.  The Monon Trail goes through there and on the other side is the Central Canal Trail, that I’ve run on the last two days.  I parked near that trail.

Again, the weather wasn’t too bad for this time of year.  However, it was still warm, especially as it headed toward afternoon.  I wore shorts and my LVRR singlet.  I carried my handheld too.

Last year, I ran north on this trail from Broad Ripple.  That was a beautiful run and it was busy.  This time, I decided to head south.  I knew it linked up with another trail down the road.

The beginning of the southern section was nice.  It was crowded with walkers, runners and plenty of bikers.  It is paved and smooth and flat.  This early part was shaded.  That was very nice.  The first mile was a solid 8:09.

The quads are still a bit sore and being on pavement, I wasn’t sure how far I could go.  The pace was pretty solid.  I’m used to running most places alone, so having a lot of people was a nice change. 

There was plenty of eye candy too.  In fact, there were so many attractive women that few of them stood out.  I did notice a girl early on with a Bloomsburg cross country shirt.  Being from PA, I obviously took note of that.

I cruised along feeling okay, but a little beat up.  There were quite a few road crossings as I got closer and closer to downtown.  Most of them were small roads and cars often waited for me to cross.  A few times, I flew by in front of them.

I didn’t feel like I was working hard, so I was surprised by my pace.  Mile 2 was a 7:23 and mile 3 was a 7:11.  At 38th Street, I came to the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  There were some people camping there and I saw a horse running on the track there.

Crossing 38th Street was kind of difficult.  I noticed my overall pace was 7:36 at that point.  It dropped and dropped after that.  Mile 4 was a 7:29.  The trail split with the other trail that I was looking for around here.  I decided to keep going.  I went over a giant red train bridge.  That was neat.

I passed a cute girl just after that point.  I remember it because by now, there were few people on the trail.  It wasn’t near neighborhoods and the ones by it weren’t nice.  The main people in this area were bikers.

I was starting to feel it, but I decided to continue on.  I went past this industrial section with smoke coming out of some of the building.  I ran over 25th Street and then turned around at mile 5.  I had run from around 70th Street to 25th Street.  I actually wasn’t too far from the track at that point.  Mile 5 was a 7:13.

My feet started bothering me with how they were landing, as I turned around.  I didn’t know how far I could make it with that problem, but I continued on.  The quads bothered me a little, but they are manageable.  Thankfully, the foot problem went away.  The other tough part is that the farther south I went, the less shade there was.  It was getting pretty hot by now.

Mile 6 was run at 7:15.  I tried to tell myself to take it easier and slow down.  Instead, I kind of ended up going faster.  I focused on just getting to mile 8 and then hoped I could do more.  Originally, I was hoping for 15 miles, but by now, I figured I wasn’t going to stop at all, so it would be less.

I was happy to be making my way back to populated areas and the crowded section of the trail.  Now, I’d have stuff to look at.  Mile 7 was a 7:09 and mile 8 was a 7:07.  This isn’t too far off of goal marathon pace and I was running easy.

The shade was a huge relief.  I was beginning to tire though.  I thought I might be slowing down; instead mile 9 was a 7:03.  Mile 10 was a 7:09.

At this point, I knew I could get to mile 15, but I’d have to stop a bit.  That was an option, since I was back at Broad Ripple.  However, I decided to keep going north on the trail.  This section would be shaded and crowded.  I figured that I could run 2 more miles and get to 12 for the run.  That would be a solid outing.

I ran out and my pace began to slow.  I went out to 10.88 miles before turning around.  I passed a cute girl right before turning around.  I ran over 2 bridges over water and hardly noticed it.  I was so tired and focused.  Finally, I got back to Broad Ripple and finished up.  Mile 11 was run at 7:17 and mile 12 was run at 7:21.

It’s just 6 days after my 50 miler and I’m very happy with where I’m at.  I didn’t push much and still ran all but the first mile under 7:29.  That includes some heat too.  I’m hoping I can PR in the half marathon in two weeks and if this run is any indication, I should do just that.  It will be nice when my quads fully recover and I can push it again.  I’ll be able to work on small things too.

After the run, I decided to head to Butler University’s track on the way back.  I wanted to do some form drills.  I did 6 strides, kick butts and high knees.  My legs were stiff and the first few were awful.  There was a cute girl running 200 repeats.  I was sure glad not to be running that fast.  I hate quick repeats.

Tomorrow is the Indy 500.  That means I will be taking the day off.  We drive partway home tomorrow night and then come the rest of the way on Monday morning.  I’m usually tired when we get home.  Hopefully, I can run long later on Monday afternoon or evening.  If not, maybe I’ll do a shorter run then and make Tuesday a long run day.

12 miles – 1:27:46 (7:19 pace)

Short and Speedy

I’m very happy with how my recovery is going.  After 8 miles yesterday, I wanted a shorter 5 mile run today.  We were busy at Carb Day at the track and I didn’t get out to run until the evening.  We had not eaten dinner yet, so I decided to go to the same area as yesterday and have my dad relax while I ran.  Then, we went to eat.

I had him drive through Butler’s campus for this Friday evening run.  There is a nice botanical garden across from the canal.  I ran through it yesterday.  It was nice weather for sitting around, but a little hot and humid for a run.  I’m still not used to the heat.  I wore shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

I was going to run north, the opposite of yesterday.  However, when I got there, a cute girl ran south and another decent looking one followed her shortly there after.  A speedy guy went that way too.  I figured everyone was running south, so I might as well too.

I chased after everyone and was moving at a pretty good clip early on.  It was definitely faster than I usually start out.  I ran around some geese.  I would see them later.  I was glad that they weren’t ever a problem.  I also passed a very attractive young lady running the opposite way.

The closest girl wasn’t going very fast.  I passed by her fairly early on.  Since it took me awhile to put on my shoes and the other girl was moving at a decent pace, I never did see her.  She must’ve turned off somewhere too.

I kept going faster and faster.  I wasn’t gaining much ground on the fast guy.  I was slowly reeling him in.  He was probably going for an easy run and maybe a fairly long run, and yet he was still probably run sub 7 minute miles.  My first mile was a 7:02.

I pushed it even faster.  As I approached the guy, he turned around.  I guess he heard me coming and was probably surprised that someone was actually passing him.  I was working fairly hard.  At about 1.25 miles, I got by him and went around a couple that was walking.

I didn’t want to let up yet.  I figured that I could at least go hard until mile 2.  Then, I could turn around and back off.  I was getting a nice workout.  My breathing was heavy.  I turned around and that second mile was a blazing fast 6:20.

One of the good and bad things about running in the city is that it makes me more competitive.  I run hard sometimes like today.  When I was living in Philly, I probably did that too often.

Although the legs didn’t feel too bad, there was still some lingering soreness.  I couldn’t quite go as fast as I probably would’ve on fresher legs.  Regardless, I was moving.  I back off on the 3rd mile, but not by much.  I still ran that one at a 6:38.  The overall pace was around 6:40.

I kept telling myself to keep the quick pace for another half mile.  Before long, I was back where I started and at mile 4.  That mile was a 6:36.  

I headed back in the other direction now.  It was a short lived trip though.  The trail only goes out 1/3 of a mile before it becomes a shared road.  I remembered this from last year and had no desire to run there.  Instead, I turned around.

I went out past where I started and continued on.  I had to dodge the geese along with a bunch of bikes.  I was tiring, but still not losing pace.  The final mile was another consistent one.  It was another 6:38.

This was a bit of a challenging workout, but a lot of fun.  I should push the pace like this a little more often.  Everything for me is either very hard or very easy.  For this one, I did almost develop a side stitch.  Breathing in the hot air was a struggle.  It was nice to get the legs moving at a brisk pace again.

I’m hoping to run with the Indy Runners in the morning.  I have no idea how big their group is or what kind of paces they run.  I didn’t want to take too big of a chance and overdo it today.  I should be fairly fresh tomorrow.  They are running on a paved trail though, so I’m not sure how fast or how long I can go tomorrow.  Regardless, I’ve recovered better than expected this week and I’m happy with my progress.

5 miles – 33:14 (6:39 pace)

Feeling Better than Anticipated

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to take of the entire week after the 50 miler, but I was sort of expecting too.  I’m surprised at how well I recovered.  I felt pretty good on yesterday’s short run and even better today.  We are now in Indianapolis for the Indy 500.

The weather was pretty good.  It was cool and windy in the morning.  By the time the afternoon rolled around, it was more of the same but slightly hotter.  It was fine in the shade, but a bit hot in the sun.  I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

We were traveling most of the day yesterday.  I didn’t get much sleep and was tired.  I tried to nap in the afternoon, but had no luck.  Finally, I decided I just needed to get out there.  I wanted to run 8-10 miles, but realistically, I was thinking it would be more like 5 or 6.

I’ve been running here for a few years now, so this race is a yearly event for us.  Last year, I did a long 18 miler here.  I started from Butler University and that worked out good.  I decided to do the same thing again.

I parked near Hinkle Fieldhouse.  I began with a downhill run on pavement and sidewalks.  That was slightly difficult for my legs.  The quads are still a little sore.  Everything else is good.

Within about half a mile, I was onto the canal towpath.  My quads thanked me for that.  It was nice and soft.  I headed south, back towards town.  They were doing a lot of construction on the canal waterway.  I’m not sure if they were dredging it or what.  They were using a lot of pumps.

There were a few people out, but on a Thursday afternoon, it wasn’t too busy.  I passed a cute girl heading the other direction and she smiled at me.  That was nice.

The legs were moving fairly quick.  Mile 1 was 8:13.  That is solid for an opening mile.  Usually, I speed up after that.  I did on this day.

I was thrilled with every mile that I made.  I figured since this was a relatively new place to run, I’d probably enjoy it and the miles would fly by quicker.  That was indeed the case.  Mile 2 was a faster 7:42.
I saw a woman way up ahead.  She was going quite slow, so I decided to try to reel her in.  That led to a 7:27 third mile.  Shortly after that mile, I saw two geese with a baby.  I decided that that was something I didn’t want to mess with.  I turned around earlier than I had hope to.

Luckily, not too far back, I saw some bikers coming from another trail.  I took that route.  It was the White River Greenway.  I thought I had run on it before.  That was indeed the case.  I ran through a neighborhood and then next to the Armory.  Now, I knew where I was.

I then ran by a golf course.  I ran this area either last year or the year before.  I wanted to keep going and going.  The legs did tire of the pavement on this trail.  I passed an area that looked like it was setup for a race of some kind.

Mile 4 was another 7:42.  Finally, I turned around at 4.5 miles.  The combination of the blazing sun and pavement were enough.  I figured that I could add on miles if I needed.  Mile 5 was a 7:46.

The legs really began to struggle.  I tried to just focus on getting to the stone surface again.  I knew that that would give them relief.  Finally, I got there and they did feel better.

The legs weren’t great though.  I figured that I wouldn’t be running 10 miles.  I got to mile 6 and that was a 7:38.  I made the new goal of getting to 8 total miles.  That would still be a quality day.

With about 1.5 miles left, I saw a girl in the distance.  From far away, she looked cute.  I decided to pick it up and see if I could chase her down.  I didn’t take long.  She began walking not long after that.

This caused my pace to be 7:16 for the seventh mile.  I continued pushing fairly hard throughout the final mile.  Since I was taking a U-shaped route back, I thought maybe I could shortcut across the canal.  I crossed over a bridge near a “West Campus” sign.  I figured the other side of Butler’s campus must be over there.  Shortly after the bridge, I ran uphill and hit mile 8.  That was a 7:19.

The path did lead to the Butler campus.  It wasn’t much of a shortcut though and I still had a long walk back.  At least I was able to stop sweating before getting to the car.

This was a good, productive run.  I never expected to be able to run so far, so soon after 50 miles.  When I sped up in the last two miles, I actually felt good too.  I’m very happy with my recovery.  If my quads weren’t my weakness, I’d really be good.  I definitely need to strengthen them, as I move forward.

I’m not sure on the run for tomorrow yet.  I’m thinking that it will be shorter, around 5 miles.  We saw a new trail by the racetrack.  I might try running on that.  Tomorrow is busy, so it might be an evening run.  On Saturday, I hope to meet up with the Indy Runners group.

8 miles – 1:01:02 (7:38 pace)