Saturday, December 10, 2016

Better Than Expected Nor-Bath

I haven't run since the end of October.  Motivation is gone.  I'm not sure I'll ever be a runner again.  Runs have been very few at all since summer.  At least my weather is here now, so maybe I'll run a little more.

I knew it would be a bit chilly.  I went with shorts, a long sleeve shirt and vest.  I was thinking early on that a lack of headband and gloves might hurt me.  However, by the end, with the wind at my back, I was actually quite hot.

I decided to just run a few easy miles on the Nor-Bath Trail.  With such little running and freezing cold air, I thought I'd struggle greatly.  I started at Bicentennial Park and ran toward Northampton.  Some runners started ahead of me.

I felt nice and fresh early.  I wasn't too cold.  I got to the road crossing quickly.  I ran easy and breathing wasn't bad, even though I'm overweight.  My GPS watch doesn't work any more, so I had no idea how far I had run.

I could see the runners far up ahead.  As I got closer, I saw they were walking and another runner was running.  I realized I was gaining on that one.  It probably pulled me along faster than I wanted.

I blew past the bundled up runner and it was a huge confidence booster.  I was going to run to a paved path.  However, I felt so good, so I kept going.  I decided I'd run to the parking lot, right before the road crossing.

I did that and then turned to head back.  It seemed slightly uphill coming back.  I definitely slipped off a bit now, but overall it still wasn't too bad.  I passed the bundled guy coming back.  I had to laugh, as I was in shorts and he was freezing.

I was getting hot now that the wind wasn't at my back.  In open field sections, it had been a little cold earlier.  I unzipped the fleece too.

It seemed to take forever to get to the road crossing.  I could see it for a long time.  I was thinking a little, but getting bored.  Finally, I was to the road and over it.

I was happy to see the park.  Before I knew it, I was done.  It was nice not having my watch work.  I had no idea of the time.  I think that helped me enjoy the run more.  Maybe if I do that some, I'll run more often.

I mapped things at home and it was just under 4 miles.  I was shocked I ran so well for that long.  It was easy rail trail, but still.  I bet my pace wasn't terrible either.  I doubt I'll ever be a runner again, but I should run more frequently.

3.7 miles