Friday, July 29, 2016

Super Muggy Repeats

I haven't run in some time.  The weather has been crazy stupid.  I asked Angie about running at Katellen last night.  She said tonight might work.  She told me last minute and I rushed out there.  She started a loop before I got there.

It was crazy hot and muggy.  The only thing that made it bearable was that it looked like storms were coming through.  Luckily, they never did.  I went with a sleeveless shirt and was soaked.

Angie ran ahead to start and I followed behind.  I was breathing heavy early on.  The hill wasn't steep, but it was uphill and the humidity bothered me.  We ended up hiking a lot of the way.  I ran when she did and hiked when she did.  She blasted through the first loop, but took it easy now.  That was good for me.

There was one tent in the camping area at the top.  I didn't notice if there were any people at the shelter or not.  We rested a bit and headed down.

Angie was ahead, but I felt good and she seemed to be going a little slow.  I ran hard for a bit, but that was enough.  I decided to slow after that.  She went by.  I caught back up when her pants began to slide down and she had to tie them.  I finished a little ahead of her, but not by much.

We rested a bit and it was on to the second loop together.  Again, I mostly followed her up.  My breathing was labored for sure, but a little better this time.  Near the top is a steep part.  I told her I could run it and I took off.  This did burn my lungs, but I made it.

We headed back down again.  I passed her again with some fast running.  I stayed steady and ended up ahead of her this time.  The downhills wore out my quads a bit.

It was now on to the last loop.  We were talking about running up it, so I was determined to run as much as I could.  I guess I have the uphill course record here.  I don't know, as I don't recall trying to run it fast.

I pushed hard this time though.  I noticed some people camping in a tent just off the trail.  I never saw anyone there before.  I went hard running when I could.  I was trying to take big breathes so I could go longer.

I ran a lot, but had to walk once it became like steps.  I thought Angie was on my heels, but I actually couldn't see her at all.  I was hurting back.  I pushed too much.

My breathing wouldn't recover and my entire stomach hurt.  I hiked most of the steps.  I then ran a few other parts.  Every time I ran, my breathing got worse.  I sure can't run too much of this trail during the summer.  I battled through it though and was eventually at the top (not even close to the CR).

I waited for Angie at the top, thinking we'd run down together.  I let her lead and she was completely gone.  It was getting very dark in the trees.  I was cautious and still tripping over stuff.  She was cruising.  I saw her around the bottom of the steps, but never again.  Even on the flatter part, I was careful.

This was a short run, but tough with the weather.  I need to force myself out there a little more.  I know I won't be running like I would if it was cool out though.

I'm not sure when I'll run again.  I'm working all weekend.  I may camp and backpack during the week.  Maybe I can run while camping.

5.72 miles - 1:37:02 (16:59 pace) 1660 feet of elevation gain

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