Friday, July 8, 2016

Buttermilk Falls State Park Run (Thursday)

I start work next week.  I decided that I want to take another camping trip before that happens.  I've been wanting to go to Ithaca for awhile, so I did just that.  I camped and hiked last night, but today was my first run.

I'm staying at Robert H. Treman State Park.  I hiked there last night and it was amazing.  Buttermilk Falls State Park is only a few miles down the road.  Both have terrific gorges and waterfalls.  Added on to that is that beautiful stone walls were built around the trails.  They are simply stunning.

I waited for a thunderstorm to pass.  The morning had seemed a little cool, but after the storm, it was just brutal.  It was crazy humid.  I wore shorts and short sleeves.  I was drenched by the end.

Right near the parking lot is the swimming area.  It is currently closed though.  They haven't had much rain in weeks and the lower falls are barely a trickle.  I ran a little in the beginning, up some steps.  The stone stairs around are amazing.

The whole beginning in stunning.  I stopped for photo after photo.  I even spotted some fish.  I was running along the Gorge Trail first.  This trail was beautiful, but over shortly, in less than a mile.

Then, it was on the Bear Trail.  This is more of a normal woods singletrack.  It is very pretty and the trail is smooth.  If it wasn't located next to the trails of the gorge, it would be a great trail.  I did enjoy running it.

This was a little more runnable.  However, the humidity was slowing me down.  My photo and GoPro were getting wet when I kept picking them up.  This trail didn't last long either.

There was a short road run, then it was on the Lake Lehman Trail.  It looks around a lake.  The lake was mostly dry.  Some of the trail was woods, other parts were stone.  It wasn't as cool as the lower gorge, but it was still pretty.

Partway around the loop, I saw the Finger Lakes Trail.  This is a fairly long distance trail.  I once tried to find it near Watkins Glen, but had no luck.  This section of singletrack was pretty.

I was surprised to see a couple walking their dog.  I figured there was a road nearby and I soon got to it.  I didn't want to run on the road, so I headed back.

I finished up the loop around the lake.  I saw a few people.  One time, I tripped near some people and nearly hurt myself.  It wasn't long and I was through the lake trail.

I headed back.  Now, I'd have a lot more downhill than uphill.  I had to take the Bear Trail back.  I saw a woman running on it.  For the most part, the trails were quiet throughout the week.  There are a lot of people missing out.

Instead of taking the Gorge Trail back, I went across the way to the Rim Trail.  This trail was pretty, but there weren't really any views.  It was a nice run though.  It did have some uphill that I had to hike.  I sure was tired and soaked by this time.

On a descent, I saw this guy with his phone.  I saw him earlier and I would see him again in the future too.  I lost the trail a little, but got back in no time.  I finished up back at my car.

This was a terrific run and I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.  The humidity couldn't even dampen the amazing scenery.  It was all I could've asked for and definitely worth the trip.  I want to run the 50 miler at these two parks next year.

Tomorrow, I'm going to run at Robert H. Treman State Park.  I'm going to loop in the opposite direction of my hike last night.  I'll take the Rim Trail first, then the Gorge Trail back.

5.51 miles - 1:28:57 (16:04 pace) 837 feet of elevation gain

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